Squire Sanders re-elects Crossley and Mahon as managing partners

Squire Sanders has confirmed the re-appointment of its UK and US businesses, with Peter Crossley and Stephen Mahon set to serve another three-year term each.

stephen mahon squire sanders
Stephen Mahon

The news comes four months after the firm first began the process of nominating individuals for the roles (28 June 2013).

Crossley and Mahon’s names were put forward to the global board by nomination committees in both regions. Squire Sanders’ board has sign-off on the appointments and there is no partnership vote.

The new terms of office begin on 1 January.

peter crossley
Peter Crossley

Crossley was formerly managing partner of legacy firm Hammonds, having been first elected to the role unopposed in 2004 (20 July 2004). He took up the role of European managing partner when the firm merged with Squire Sanders in January 2011 (8 November 2010).

US managing partner Stephen Mahon replaced Howard Nichols last year (25 January 2012) following the latter’s retirement.