Shoosmiths urges businesses to make it easier for people to manage their online identities

Laurence Kaye, publishing and digital media specialist at Shoosmiths, spoke at the European Association of Search and Database Publishers (EASDP) Congress in Amsterdam, which this year focused on the importance of data.

Kaye addressed delegates about upcoming changes to data protection law that are likely to affect the tracking, profiling and targeting of individuals for online advertising and other purposes by broadening the definition of ‘personal data’.

He told delegates that technology was needed that makes it easier for individuals to manage their online identities, so that the nature, extent and types of permissions that are given to third parties to use and share information about us can be varied according to particular contexts and instances.

Kaye added that data-rich companies will have to learn how to deal with the ‘right to be forgotten’: a proposed new law enabling people to ask for data about them to be
deleted. Businesses will have to comply unless there are ‘legitimate’ grounds to keep it.