Shoosmiths’ Kaye highlights problems concerning the resale of digital content

At CONTEC, part of the Frankfurt Book Fair, publishing and digital media specialist Laurence Kaye from Shoosmiths moderated a debate and helped to highlight problems concerning the resale of digital content, which could hit publishers, consumers and libraries.

Kaye said: ‘This issue is a great example of what happens when you apply “offline law” to the online world, and recent cases on both continents have revealed potential problems for publishers, consumers and libraries should national courts come to different conclusions.’

The panel also looked at the US Supreme Court case of Wiley v Kirtsaeng, which considered how these legal doctrines apply to physical books. Kaye said that this case shows that law is still developing in this area, but is already having an impact on business models.

Also on the panel were Peter Balis, vice-president and director of business development at Global Digital Books, and Gerald Leitner, secretary-general of the Austrian Library Association.