Restructuring of state-owned enterprises and property transactions

With the outstanding quality of its professional legal services, Dacheng has become the first-choice legal services provider for the great majority of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China, positioning itself at the forefront of the field of SOE restructuring and associated property transactions.

Over the course of the past decade or more, Dacheng lawyers have been actively involved in the restructuring of SOEs in China.

Fulfilling the important role of ‘chief coordinator’ in restructuring projects, Dacheng’s lawyers have been instrumental in enabling Chinese SOEs to successfully complete comprehensive corporate restructuring and associated property transactions.

Dacheng’s key services in this area include:

  • Design and drafting of restructuring plans for SOEs
  • Assignments of state-owned property (shareholdings)
  • Assets, debt /credit and personnel restructuring during the course of SOE restructuring
  • Corporate bankruptcy and liquidation 
  • Corporate bankruptcy and restructuring.

This material has been sourced from the Dacheng website.