Manorial rights — secure your rights, secure your future

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As has been highlighted frequently in the press over the last few months, the ‘cut-off’ date for registering manorial rights with the Land Registry came and went on the 13 October. But what happens now?

The first thing to point out is that the cut-off date only applies to manorial rights, which are ancient in origin and originally created by Crown or superior lord grants. The deadline does not apply to freehold rights, which will be held by a significant number of mineral owners. Manors were self-contained fiefdoms with their own customs and rights.

The second thing to consider is that these rights did not disappear in a puff of smoke on the 13 October. They still exist and can still be noted against registered land or cautioned against unregistered land, although there will now be a fee payable to the Land Registry. However, if the land to which the manorial rights relate is sold after 13 October 2013, then there is a real risk that the rights will be lost…

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