Latimer, Andrew

Andrew Latimer has an extensive commercial litigation and chancery practice and in the last three years he has appeared in the Chancery Division and defeated claims for passing off, misuse of confidential information and economic torts and has also succeeded on an unfair prejudice petition.

Andrew Latimer

Latimer has appeared in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal in a case concerning the recovery of more than £600,000 worth of service charges; the Queen’s Bench Division and defeated a £250,000 claim arising from a disputed oral agreement for the sale of a business; and the Technology and Construction Court defending a claim for £1.6m for faulty industrial equipment.

During 2010–12, he was led by Lesley Anderson QC in a minority shareholders’ petition, which settled after eight weeks of trial.

He has had a pedigree bull, Deveron Latimer, named after him, in the course of a case concerning the extent to which damages could be recovered for economic loss caused by negligence.

Latimer has been a contributor to Sweet & Maxwell’s loose-leaf Commercial Litigation: Pre-emptive Remedies since 2003 and edits the chapters on summary judgment and default judgments. The English edition is published in loose-leaf format and updated twice a year and the second international edition was published in hardback in 2011.

Latimer is currently writing a chapter for the second edition of Louis Doyle’s book, Insolvency Litigation, which will be published in hardback in 2013–14.

He also speaks regularly to practitioners on developments in the law relating to commercial and chancery litigation.

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This material was sourced from the Kings Chambers website.