In-house legal

Eversheds has been working with in-house lawyers for decades. We understand that you have specific needs, work under unique pressures and look for external help that doesn’t simply involve a stream of unwanted marketing material, event invites and news updates.

Having listened to you, we have created a global service called SHINE (sharing in-house legal expertise) that is intended to help you in both your everyday work and longer-term career.

SHINE delivers:

  • Support based on a deep understanding of your business that will allow you to deliver outstanding performance
  • Access to an international network where you can exchange views and experiences with influencers from your sector, geographic region or peer group
  • An ongoing relationship with people genuinely interested in your world, to assist you in all aspects of your work

This is a partnership as much as a service. We want to be people you can rely on for everything you need and trust us to deliver. Everything we do for you will be relevant, focused on your specific needs and intended to make a positive impact.

We call this initiative SHINE because, above all, it is designed to encourage the sharing of expertise.

This material has been sourced from the Eversheds website.