HR consultancy

Eversheds is a pioneer of HR consultancy services. Our team was set up in the 1990s to provide clients with practical HR support that makes a real difference to their organisations. 

We now operate on an international scale through a large team of professionally qualified consultants with decades of experience in the issues that matter to you.

Put simply, we are here to help you meet your HR challenges. This could involve support on big projects such as change management and complex investigations. But Eversheds’ HR consultancy also assists in smaller day-to day matters where we act ‘on the ground’ to help you achieve your goals.

Because we work closely with the largest team of employment lawyers in Europe, Eversheds understands the importance of doing things correctly, meaning risks are reduced and problems are avoided.

You can trust our people. All of them have operated at senior management level and have dealt with the situations you are facing. They don’t just have professional certificates on their wall, but practical understanding and commercial acumen.

The Eversheds HR consultancy service is flexible. You can hire us on an ad-hoc, project-interim or retained basis. We can be a genuine part of your team or a reliable source of regular expertise. You will experience quality in everything we do for you, wherever you need us.

This material has been sourced from the Eversheds website.