How to secure a building licence application — part 1

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How to secure a building license application — part 1 - .PDF file.

Before starting building, renovation or demolition works, it’s necessary to comply with Luxembourg’s building licence procedure. An application for a building licence requires the applicant to follow a specific administrative procedure. The purpose of this newsletter is to explain the key points of this procedure and secure the applications.

Below you will find the first part of the newsletter focusing on the legal framework of the building license from the introduction of the application to the administrative decision of the mayor (‘Bourgmestre’). The second part of the newsletter, which will be issued at the end of next month, will focus on the consequences of the decision granting or refusing a building licence, the sanctions and the judicial remedies.

Any person, legal or natural, planning to construct a new building or change the use of, expand or transform an existing building has to apply for a building licence. In most cases, it is the landlord who applies. However, Luxembourg case law has ruled that if the recipient of the licence is not the landlord, the building licence remains valid…

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