Harper Macleod’s Glasgow office launches redundancy consultation

An unspecified number of jobs have been put at risk in Harper Macleod due to restructuring of its insurance department.

According to a spokesperson an announcement was made internally last Friday. A consultation process has been entered into with those involved, and is currently ongoing.

Harper Macleod chief executive Martin Darroch said: “Harper Macleod is recognised as a business that carried out a high level of analysis of data and trends in the market. The Jackson reforms to Civil Procedure Rules in England and Wales have had a significant impact on the insurance sector.

”As a Scottish firm we are competing with UK-wide service providers using alternative business structure (ABS) models, which are not accessible to us due to the lack of pace of change in the Scottish regulatory environment.”

Darroch also mentioned the effect of the Jackson reforms on the insurance sector, pointing out that as a Scottish firm it is unable to compete with legal services providers operating under alternative business structures (ABS) “due to the lack of pace of change in the Scottish regulatory environment.”

Harper Macleod posted record financial results earlier this year revealing solid growth despite the tough local market. The firm’s turnover for the 2012/13 year ending 31 March was £21m, a 9.5 per cent increase in fee income on 2011/12 (25 April 2013).

The consultation is expected to finish next week.