Eversheds’ Parmjit Singh welcomes Tesco food wastage report

Parmjit Singh, partner and head of the international food and drink sector at Eversheds, has responded to a new report from Tesco into food wastage.

Singh said: ‘Tesco is the number-one retailer in the UK and its voice carries a lot of weight with the government, consumers and other retailers. This has been evident by the news coverage that its report has generated.

‘For too long, the issue of food waste, and especially food waste caused by heavy promotions and BOGOF offers, has been swept under the carpet. Governments, retailers and food manufacturers around the world recognise that this cannot continue. This is simply an issue that needs greater priority with increased demand for food around the world, it being estimated that by 2030 the world will require 50 per cent more food and 30 per cent more water. It is clear that we will not be able to simply increase production levels to cope with the increased demands and therefore everyone will need to look to promote other initiatives such as reducing waste.’

According to Singh, it will be increasingly important to reduce waste at all levels of the food chain, from better agricultural practices, less waste at manufacturing stages to retailers and consumers working together to minimise waste.

‘The initiative by Tesco will be welcomed by everyone with an interest in the future of the food industry and the UK being able to reduce its food trade deficit,’ Singh added.