Enterprise barrister quits to launch e-disclosure set

A barrister from Enterprise Chambers is leaving the set to establish his own chambers, focusing exclusively on e-disclosure.

Damian Murphy will launch the new set, to be called Indicium Chambers, in January. He told The Lawyer that the move followed an increase in e-disclosure work over the past few years and would enable him to focus exclusively on the area.

Murphy has spent much of the last three years heavily involved on a competition case, EWRG & CEF v Philips Electronics UK and GE Lighting & Ors, which had a significant e-disclosure element. His background is in management consultancy, having worked for consultancy giant Accenture before being called to the bar.

“At the start [of an e-disclosure exercise] you’re looking at the legal issues, but a lot of it is almost in the realms of management consultancy,” Murphy said. ”The time’s come where I want to control completely what’s coming, and I want to be able to offer services I can’t offer from within Enterprise Chambers.”

He said he expected to be instructed on e-disclosure exercises by other barristers as part of a larger counsel team, as well as by solicitors’ firms.

Although Murphy will in effect be a sole practitioner initially, he added that there were other barristers keen to be involved in the venture.

The recent Jackson reforms of civil litigation encourage the use of e-disclosure in an effort to keep costs down.

Indicium, the new set’s name, is the Latin for ‘information’.

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