Capital markets

Investors, banks, companies across the sectors of economy, underwriters and regulators can rely on Maravela & Asociatii for proper and tailored advice with regard to any transactions unfolding under the rules and regulations governing the capital markets.

Since its inception, Maravela & Asociatii has worked closely with the relevant authorities, which has enabled its dedicated team of lawyers to amass sound experience in capital markets legal work. Our practice has grown organically as our clients’ businesses have developed and the capital markets transactions increased and diversified.

Our work focuses on all types of securities transactions, regulatory compliance, bond issuance, public and private equity, debt, corporate governance issues, including initial public offerings, liability management transactions, pricing regulations, periodic disclosure and day-to-day legal advice to publicly held companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and RASDAQ. 

Highlights of the assignments that have been handled by our lawyers throughout their practice include advice and representation to:   

  • The largest European rolling stock company, with regard to the mandatory public offering proceedings of two of its affiliates and de-listing of the same
  • An international soda ash producer, with regard to the acquisition of the majority stock of a Romanian issuer acting in the chemical sector, as well as the subsequent mandatory public offering
  • An international investment fund, in relation to several acquisitions of majority stocks of several issuers listed on the stock exchange
  • A retail company, with regard to its listing on the stock exchange
  • A company acting in the FMCG sector, with regard to the effects of the relevant capital markets regulations as regards its merger to another company acting in the same sector
  • Various investors, with regard to disclosure obligations, applicable limitations, clearance formalities, employees stock option plans, prospectuses and so on
  • The Romanian government, with regard to two medium-term fixed-rate notes issues listed on the Luxembourg and Frankfurt stock exchanges
  • A major group of companies, during the acquisition process of a listed company, including the development of the strategy to be followed on capital markets issues in relation to the structuring and implementation of the entire acquisition process, the conducting of the subsequent mandatory public offering, squeeze-out and final de-listing procedures from the Bucharest Stock Exchange

This material has been sourced from the Maravela & Asociatii website.