RJW on standby for claims against BBC and Stoke Mandeville hospital over Jimmy Savile allegations

Russell Jones & Walker (RJW) is preparing to launch a case against the BBC and Stoke Mandeville hospital on behalf of alleged victims of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile.

Partner Liz Dux is instructed on the case which claims that boththe BBC and the hospital owed a duty of care to the claimants and should be heldvicariously liable.

Dux regularly advises the Crossroads Women’s Centre and Women Against Rape in their work obtaining compensation for victims of sex abuse, assault and rape.

She told the BBC Radio 4’s World at One today that Jim’ll Fix It presenter Savile was working as an agent of the BBC and the hospital, and that if there were suspicions from managers, that duty of care would have been “heightened”.

The women are preparing legal action seeking compensation for claims of psychological damage.

Dux told the BBC: “The stories I have been told so far are all very similar sounding so they sound very credible and a lot of them have been backed up by witnesses. I would say these cases have good prospects of succeeding.

“They want some form of recognition as to what’s happened to them in the past. They want to be taken seriously, they are not interested in the financial compensation at all, they just want the cathartic process of telling someone what they have been through and someone believing them for a change.”

She added that it was not necessary to prove managers at the BBC or Stoke Mandeville were aware of the alleged abuse to secure a vicarious liability ruling against each organisation.

Counsel is yet to be instructed.