Quadrant appoints head of chambers to lead new era of growth

Quadrant Chambers is to embark on a structural overhaul as it looks to broaden its practice base beyond its traditional marine and aviation roots.

In what will be seen as a radical departure for the set Quadrant is planning to follow its law firm clients into the world of international commerce by introducing a new sector based approach. These will also cover energy, cross-border insolvency and international work.

The new strategy will be lead by newly appointed head of chambers Luke Parsons QC who will succeed Lionel Persey QC and Simon Rainey QC.

While Quadrant is not moving away from its core market it is does perceive the need to grow if it is going to maintain its market position.

Chief executive Tim Gerrard said the aim was to bring individual barristers closer as a team behind the Quadrant brand.

Gerrard said: “The deregulated environment alters the dynamic between the roles in a legal team – solicitor, private practice barrister, in-house advocate, legal execs – but not the need for different roles per se, given the different tasks that need to be covered in any legal team.

“Today a client may approach a barrister direct for some initial advice, if the case then moves forward to litigation this provides the opportunity for the barrister to refer work to other parties such as law firms who have much great strength in depth and the skills to run a complex legal matter through to a successful conclusion.

“The opportunity is to field better legal teams than ever before, everyone playing to their strengths unfettered by artificial and arbitrary delineation of roles.”

Parsons said of his appointment: “I see my role as building on our success achieved under Simon’s and Lionel’s leadership over the last six years, but also as creating a fresh new momentum to propel Quadrant forward.”

Holman Fenwick Willan, which has moved into the international commerce arena over the last five years and regularly instructs Quadrant, welcomed the move.

Partner Marcus Bowman said: “It’s good they’re developing new capabilities to match how shipping law firms are evolving.”