McMillan Williams represents blind stroke victim tasered by police

A lawyer specialising in actions against the police has been instructed for a blind stroke victim who was tasered by mistake.

Sophie Khan
Sophie Khan

Solicitor advocate Sophie Khan, head of claims against police at South East-based McMillan Williams Solicitors, is representing Colin Farmer, who was stunned by Lancashire Police after they mistook his white stick for a samurai sword.

Khan, whose expertise includes taser-related injuries, moved from London-based GT Stewart Solicitors in August to head the department at McMillan Williams.

A civil claim for damages is expected to be lodged with the courts next month. Farmer, who is partially sighted, registered blind and has suffered two strokes in the past, is seeking compensation from the force.

Officers mistook Farmer’s white walking stick for a weapon as they responded to reports of a man carrying a samurai sword in the street. The stun gun used on Farmer is capable of discharging 50,000 volts.

As a solicitor advocate Khan will hope to do most of the casework herself and if counsel are instructed it will be at a later date.

A statement from the firm said: “The Independent Police Complaints Commission has indicated that they are conducting an investigation and McMillan Williams will be writing to the IPCC to find out what steps it is taking regarding this serious incident.”