Gavin Millar QC Doughty Street Chambers

Represented the Telegraph Media Group at the Leveson Inquiry

Gavin Millar QC
Gavin Millar QC

The internet is a bigger threat than Leveson. It will soon replace newspapers as the mass medium for news and entertainment on the page. They already struggle to compete with radio and television.

More will access the internet offering via mobile devices. They might not pay for the service. Lower internet advertising rates may not fill the gap.

Also the news market is going global. Cheapernews aggregators are popular. Social media platforms and portals are pushing “crowd sourced” news at browsers.

The surviving papers will do less investigative journalism and will disseminate less news, faster and video alongside. The Mail Online already has a sidebar that matches the celebrity magazines.

Parliament will park any Leveson recommendation for statutory regulation for 3 years to see if the industry’s new self-regulation package works.

Pressure will build on the tabloids to publish more controversial material available on other websites, as with Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge. Our judges will struggle to keep the threshold for private information where it is now. There will have to be more press freedom.