Doughty Street forges alliance with Dutch firm to boost civil liberties practice

Doughty Street Chambers and Dutch firm Böhler Advocaten have formed an alliance, pooling their resources on humanitarian and civil liberties work.

To begin with Doughty Street and Böhler, which both specialise in human rights and civil liberties work, will focus on knowledge-sharing and networking, with barristers and lawyers combining on joint campaigns and conferences.

There is no formal work-sharing arrangement in place at the moment, but a spokesman for Doughty Street added that the pair were discussing ways of working together in the future, including the possibility of twinning barristers at Doughty Street with lawyers at Böhler.

“The collaborative working aspect will grow in time,” said the spokesman. “There are very clear crossovers in international work within our affinities for civil liberties issues, such as immigration, that relate to UK, Dutch and European law. And there’s scope to bring one another in on the work.”

On the Doughty Street side, barrister John Jones is overseeing the combination, along with fellow barrister Amal Alamuddin, who is also Doughty Street’s international criminal law team coordinator.