Disney: use a West Coast firm you must

Walt Disney a client of Dewey & LeBoeuf once was. Function as a treasured fee-earner for a growing US firm it did.

A star rainmaker in New York Mort Pierce truly was. At Dewey compare with him no one could. Bill up to 3,400 hours a year he did. Advise On Disney’s acquisitions of Pixar and Marvel he did. A trusted relationship partner he was.

To call in their loans Dewey’s banks did start. Teeter on the edge of bankruptcy the illustrious firm surely did. On the doors of partners come knocking headhunters did. An opportunity White & Case did see, and in the bat of an eyelid Pierce his files did move. For Chapter 11 Dewey did file.

A chance for a great deal detect Disney did. Film lovers like nothing else Stars Wars do adore. George Lucas’s Lucasfilm the acquisitive film maker did purchase. Spend $4.05bn (£2.5bn) in cash and shares it quickly did. A seventh Star Wars film it swiftly announced.

But in a lead role on the West Coast-dominated roster Mort Pierce does not appear. A Californian team from Skadden Disney did hire. The end of a legal era it surely is.


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