Firms and chambers will be able to chart their competitors’ court appearances for the first time with the launch of The Lawyer Litigation Tracker early next year.

Drawing on data from all judgments in English and Singaporean civil courts from 2015 and 2016, The Lawyer Litigation Tracker is unique, building into quarterly rankings.

Catrin Griffiths, editor of The Lawyer, said: “While corporate lawyers have long been able to benchmark their activity through the M&A league tables, such research has not been available for the litigation market – until now.”

The Lawyer will publish a market report on litigation based on this data in early 2017. The data is currently available in searchable form for early-bird subscribers.

Thomas Sturge, head of research at The Lawyer, said: “The Lawyer Litigation Tracker unearths vital data for barristers, chambers directors, litigation partners and business development teams at law firms.

“It will also be invaluable to any in-house lawyer who wants to identify active and successful firms and chambers.”

The research, which comprises some 6,000 cases, provides access to the following metrics:

  • Reveals the most active firms, chambers, barristers and solicitors in court action
  • Reveals the most active companies in litigation by sector
  • Reveals relationships between companies and law firms
  • Reveals relationships between law firms and chambers
  • Tracks specialist activity from construction and medical negligence to private client and public law
  • Evaluates success rates of participants
  • With two years’ worth of data, subscribers will be able to begin tracking long-term trends in volume and type of cases, and which types of clients are litigating
  • Tracks success rates of barristers/chambers before individual judges

Griffiths added: “The Lawyer Litigation Tracker will reveal a true picture of court activity that includes the most global firms to boutiques, and of course chambers. It will reshape the way the market perceives contentious work.”

The Lawyer Litigation Tracker is part of The Lawyer’s suite of research, which includes The Global Litigation 50, litigation data from The Lawyer Global 200 and the annual Top 20 Cases.

To purchase this report, or to enquire about purchasing the raw data, contact Richard Edwards on 020 7970 4672 or