Workability of EU data protection proposals in question, says Eversheds

Paula Barrett, data regulation expert at Eversheds, has commented on the workability of EU data protection proposals.

Commenting on calls for data protection rules to be incorporated into EU-US trade talks, Barrett said: ‘Given the draft that was approved by the European parliament a week or so ago, putting this on the trade negotiations agenda will be seen as a welcome development, especially if the Commission seeks to rely on a majority vote in Council in order to side-step possible delays from the UK, Sweden and others.

‘The protection of citizens’ rights in respect of their data is important. But how workable some of the proposals are is questionable and that message isn’t necessarily being heard so far in the legislative process.

‘There are aspects of the current regulation that could significantly affect several sectors in addition to US technology businesses. Banking, insurance, healthcare, retail and pharmaceutical firms, among others, are equally concerned to make sure this isn’t implemented in a way that is detrimental to trade and the products and services that EU citizens want to receive.’