Mundays launches mystery shopper programme

Surrey-based firm Mundays has launched a mystery shopper programme in a bid to raise the standard of its services.

The scheme is part of the firm’s client service assessment programme which also includes one-to-one meetings, telephone interviews and an online survey.

Mundays’ business development manager Jonathan Robinson, who launched the programme, said it would provide the firm something more objective to extract information from.

“Positive things can come from it in that we are not relying on seondary sources such as word of mouth. We are looking at how the whole process works from the initial inquiry to the follow up. The aim is not to name, shame or embarrass individuals but to benchmark ourselves and find out where we are. If there is an issue we will work on it. We can’t afford to lose inquiries,” he added.

The scheme started earlier this month and although there is no set duration of when it will end, it is expected to run throughout November and December.

It is not the first time a firm has applied a retail market research strategy in a bid to improve its services. Last year, Coffin Mew launched a similar programme (20 August 2012).