Griffiths, Brian

Brian Griffiths’ practice areas include employer’s liability and public liability, road traffic cases, military claims and inquests, disease litigation, professional negligence and accidents abroad.

Employer’s liability and public liability
A significant amount of Griffiths’ work has been to undertake an extensive number of cases on behalf of claimants and defendants, on both fast track and multi track. On the defendant side he is standing counsel for one of the top four supermarkets, covering both incidents involving staff and customers at its 420 stores and warehouse operations. Over the years, the range of work has included cases involving a customer slipping on a grape to a claim from staff after being held hostage at gunpoint. Griffiths also has a wealth of experience in defending various church organisations in accidents on their premises via their insurers.

Road traffic cases
Griffiths is regularly instructed in road traffic cases, including cases of catastrophic injury. Within such cases, he has developed a specialisation with cases involving motorcyclists. A keen motorcyclist himself, it assists him in not only gaining the confidence of the client, but also in issues of liability and quantum. A specialist firm of motorcycle solicitors, who are market leaders in this niche area, regularly instruct him; he acts for both claimants and defendants in such cases. He also specialises in low-velocity impact cases.  

With a previous military background, he has an interest in cases involving military personnel and has been involved in employer’s liability cases involving the military, including a case of a serviceman in Northern Ireland who was blown off a helicopter landing pad by downwash.

Coal mining
Since 2002 he has acted as standing counsel for one of the major coal mining unions. This primarily involves being the union’s counsel in the two British Coal Schemes of Miners’ Respiratory Disease and Vibration White Finger (understood to be respectively the largest and second largest group litigation schemes in the world).

Before that, for two years, he was a senior policy adviser to the Department of Trade and Industry in the COPD litigation and was involved with the day-to-day operational delivery in resolving more than 500,000 claims, including devising protocols, such as dealing with protected party claimants and chronic bronchitis.

With his specialist knowledge in the quantification of damages under the two claims handling agreements he has lectured widely and advised upon quantum in scores of claimants classed as protected parties under the schemes; this aspect of work has been for a number of individual firms and is regularly instructed for both claimants and defendant legal firms in satellite litigation flowing from claimants seeking compensation from their legal representatives for profession negligence.

As well as acting for the coal mining trade union in the British Coal schemes, he has also dealt with a number of traumatic cases of injury while at work at the pit, including fatal injury.  

Other matter undertaken includes:

  • Animal Act cases
  • Highway liability claims
  • Inquests
  • CICA appeals
  • Injury caused by LPG burns
  • All manner of quantum assessments and JSMs involving 6 figure sums.
  • Disease litigation

Griffiths has also undertaken other cases such as: HAVS, WRULS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, NIHL, asbestos and mesothelioma.

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This material was sourced from the Kings Chambers website.