Eversheds comments on move by regulators to remove trans fats from US diet

Parmijit Singh from Eversheds has commented on a move by regulators to remove trans fats from the US diet.

Singh, partner and head of the firm’s international food and drink sector, said: ‘Over the past decade, there has been an increasing focus by regulators, both in the US and Europe, to take action to reduce health-related diseases by imposing strict requirements on what manufacturers can include in food products and improving consumer awareness on what they are eating; measures have included working with manufacturers to agree responsibility deals, imposing voluntary and now increasingly mandatory labelling requirements and regulating the use of health and nutrition claims connected to food products.’

According to Singh, the proposal to ban trans fats from most food products signals that US regulators may be ready to move away from promoting voluntary manufacturing initiatives and consumer awareness and take more decisive action, including banning substances that can be evidenced as being harmful to consumers.

‘The impact of this proposal, if successful, would be far-ranging. Any food business that imports or sells food products in the US market would be affected by this change and would need to revise the content of their food products accordingly. Furthermore, it is likely that the European Commission, which itself is due to publish a report on the use of trans fats by December 2014, will take into consideration any decision made by US food regulators.’