Salans partners prepare for public vote on firm’s three-way merger

Salans, SNR Denton and Canada’s Fraser Milner Casgrain (FMC) are gearing up to approve the firms’ three-way merger today in a process that sees Salans partners forced to announce how they vote to their colleagues.

Salans management figures will gather in Paris today for a midday meeting in which the public vote will take place, with other partners either attending as well or dialling in from elsewhere.

The name of each Salans partner will be read out, with that person then required to state whether he or she supports or objects to the deal or abstains.

SNR Denton is set for a 3.30pm meeting, while FMC will poll its partners at roughly the same time, with partners at all three firms expected to find out the result later today.

SNR Denton and FMC’s precise voting methods are unclear.

Under the merger, first revealed by The Lawyer earlier this month, the trio of firms will combine under the Dentons brand from early next year (8 November 2012).

A Salans spokesperson confirmed that all three firms were conducting their votes today, but declined to comment on the mechanics of the poll.

SNR Denton and FMC were unavailable for comment.