Pinsents launches second post-merger redundancy round

Pinsent Masons is beginning a second round of redundancies following its merger with Scottish firm McGrigors, with up to 15 jobs set to go.

Pinsents merged with McGrigors on 1 May (6 February 2012) and cut 47 jobs among its business development, IT, HR and facilities staff in the summer (24 August 2012) as a result of job duplications.

The firm is now beginning a second round of redundancies for the same reason, with around 15 support staff in the finance and knowledge management teams facing the axe. The redundancies, which were first reported at RollonFriday, will be the last in relation to sorting out job duplication post-merger, and further jobs are expected to be created as a result of team restructurings.

In a statement, a spokesman for Pinsent Masons said: “In June the firm began an exercise to review existing support structures in light of its merger and consider what changes would be needed to provide the most effective level of support to the combined business.

“As anticipated, duplicate roles were identified within our support teams and a number of people left the firm. We’re now about to conduct the second phase of this process and expect around 15 support roles to be at risk. We’re consulting with those affected and anticipate that this will be complete in December.”