Lord McAlpine instructs One Brick Court and RMPI over ‘defamatory’ claims

A City personal injury firm is advising Lord McAlpine in relation to “wholly false and seriously defamatory” internet rumours linking him to a North Wales child sex abuse case.

Andrew Reid of RMPI – formerly Reid Minty – has been instructed by Lord McAlpine and has turned to One Brick Court libel silk Sir Edward Garnier QC to represent his interests.

Lord McAlpine today issued a statement addressing the speculation after newspaper reports claimed he had been the victim of mistaken identity.

His statement said: “Over the last several days it has become apparent to me that a number of ill- or uninformed commentators have been using blogs and other internet media outlets to accuse me of being the senior Conservative party figure from the days of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership who is guilty of sexually abusing young residents of a children’s home in Wrexham, north Wales, in the 1970s and 1980s.

“It has additionally become apparent to me that a number of broadcasters and newspapers have, without expressly naming me, also been alleging that a senior Conservative party figure from that time was guilty of or suspected of being guilty of the sexual abuse of residents of this children’s home.

“It is obvious that there must be a substantial number of people who saw that I had been identified in the internet publications as this guilty man and who subsequently saw or heard the broadcasts or read the newspapers in question and reasonably inferred that the allegation of guilt in those broadcasts and newspapers attached to me.

“Even though these allegations made of me by implication in the broadcast and print media, and made directly about me on the internet, are wholly false and seriously defamatory I can no longer expect the broadcast and print media to maintain their policy of defaming me only by innuendo.”

He added that he reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who has, or who goes on to, defame him and that is why he has decided to mitigate “if only to some small extent, the damage to my reputation” by setting the record straight.