Killing 2Birds’ worries with one merger

Someone needs to get Sarah Lund and her natty jumpers back on the case, as Copenhagen is set to be the scene of an outwardly aggressive but intelligently planned merger in January 2013.

The perpetrator is none other than mild-mannered TMT firm Bird & Bird; its mark, Danish firm Bender von Haller Dragsted (BvHD). The Denmark firm is an IP/IT boutique with 15 lawyers and has been in a strategic relationship with 2Birds since January 2012.

The motive is said to be a mixture of fear and jealousy. Bird & Bird is being driven to merger by the actions of firms like DLA Piper, which are increasing their presence in the TMT sector and already have the advantage of a global presence.

A source told the TheLawyer: “DLA Piper was aggressive, but its quality was not there. Since Tony Angel was brought in, it’s taking serious steps. Bird & Bird’s quality is consistent across its offices, but is lacking a global approach.”

But like any good plot from a Nordic noir, there’s more to things than meets the eye. Dig deeper and you’ll find a merger that took place in Finland in 2008 with Helsinki firm Fennica (12 March 2008) that bears many similarities to the present Danish case. It looks like Lund has a serial merger on her hands.


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