JMW posts revenue and profit rises at half-year stage

Manchester firm JMW has increased revenue by 14 per cent and profit by 24 per cent for the first half of the 2012/13 financial year, the firm said.

The firm does not disclose actual figures for the half-year period but did state that in 12 months of billing up to October 2012, turnover was £13.5m, up 24 per cent on the same period the previous year, when it was £10.9m.

JMW’s turnover in 2011/12 was £12.8m, according to its LLP accounts, up from £11.5m the previous year. The firm did not disclose a profit figure but said that the figure had grown by 35 per cent over the same period (31 May 2012). According to the LLPs, the firm’s profit before members’ remuneration was £3.04m, up 62.3 per cent from £1.87m in 2010/11.

According to the firm, JMW gets 75 per cent of its work from new clients, with much of the growth coming from its websites.

In a statement, senior partner Joy Kingsley said “We’re finding many new routes to market and to new clients, turning around traditional perceptions about law firms. We’ve seen growth across both commercial and private client departments, gaining new clients in both areas. Despite challenges in our sector we’re very confident about the future.”