Walker Morris launches mobile guide to employee share schemes

Walker Morris has launched the latest in its series of ‘little green books’. The latest edition is a comprehensive guide to employee share schemes, offering companies a tax-efficient way of rewarding employees and saving money.

Simon Concannon, head of tax at Walker Morris, said: ‘In an increasingly competitive environment, it is important to recruit and retain the best staff. Employees share schemes are a great way to reward employees and help with tax planning. The schemes are approved by HM Revenue & Customs and encouraged by the government.

‘A number of our clients have enjoyed great success with them and they are becoming increasingly popular. For example, one of the most popular schemes is the Enterprise Management Incentive scheme, which offers tax-advantaged share options to employees and tax savings to companies.

‘To help our clients understand if they qualify, we’ve developed a free EMI tool on our website that helps companies to ascertain if they qualify for the scheme in just a few minutes.’

The little green book, presented in mobile formats, is free of charge on iTunes and from the Walker Morris website and explains the ins and outs of the most popular schemes. It is designed to help companies navigate their way through employee share schemes by explaining what types of schemes are available, the benefits of using them, how you qualify for them and the key issues and pitfalls to be aware of. It also contains a glossary to assist in deciphering some of the more obscure terms used by tax practitioners.