No5 barristers in car theft conspiracy case

No5 Chambers barristers Talbir Singh, Tim Pole and Lynette McClement have appeared in a car theft conspiracy case. Shanwaz Khan and four other men have been handed prison sentences for their involvement.

The five men have all been linked to 82 stolen cars, mostly from across the West Midlands. Some of the cars were taken from people’s driveways but others were taken in carjackings. The stolen vehicles were then sold on eBay.

Investigating officer DC Mo Azir said: ‘This was a vast criminal operation. Those involved showed a complete disregard for the trail of destruction and misery their victims suffered.’

Detectives received tip-offs that Khan, 30, Erdington, was involved in a car theft ring and spent six months investigating the crimes. Khan has been sentenced to seven years in prison after admitting conspiracy to commit burglary and handle stolen goods.

Wajid Khan, 24, Erdington, and Seyed Khan, Erdington, admitted conspiracy to handling stolen goods and were both sentenced to 30 months.

Ross Dunham, 21, and Matthew Dunham, 24, both from Coventry, were jailed for five years and 39 months respectively.