KPMG highlights insights around data and analytics through short film competition

KPMG has announced the winners of a short film competition — themed ‘If you only knew what you knew… Go beyond the data’. The challenge asked competitors to creatively explore through film how data and analytics can deliver breakthrough, actionable insights.

KPMG worked closely on the competition with MOFILM, a video and photographic content sourcing company, to challenge a new crop of talented filmmakers around the world to create imaginative scenarios in video that depict the breadth of insights that data and analytics might deliver in the not-too-distant future.

The winning film, Data is Knowledge, was produced by Olivier Mamet, a director, screenwriter and graphic artist based in Perth, Australia. It will be made available to KPMG member firms to assist them in sparking conversations in social media and other channels to show what’s possible with the help of data and analytics.