Kemp Little hosts networking event for the luxury brand sector

Kemp Little has organised and hosted a networking event for the luxury brand sector at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design. 

The evening saw a mix of traditional luxury brand owners, online fashion businesses, disruptive technology companies, investors and consultants debating the effects of technology on the sector and the challenges and opportunities it presented.

The event was introduced and moderated by Glafkos Tombolis, head of Kemp Little’s luxury brands group, and started with a keynote address by Susie Forbes, principal of the Condé Nast college and former deputy editor of Vogue.

Around 100 people listened to the panel discussion and asked questions such as: ‘How do brands cope with the blurring of lines of traditional marketing and promotional functions?’; ‘When will mobile overtake other sales channels?’; ‘How do brands tap into the ultra-high-net-worth audience when they have virtually no digital footprint?’; and ‘How can you replicate an exclusive, personal service to online channels?’

Forbe’s final comment was: ‘If luxury brands are to survive, they need to be agile and alert to changes and developments to tomorrow’s technology that we can’t even begin to anticipate today.’