Karanovic & Nikolic partner set to participate in legal conference on the needs of start-ups

Karanovic & Nikolic senior partner Patricia Gannon will be chairing a panel on the importance of marketing and networking at a legal conference focused on the legal needs of start-ups. The conference will be hosted by the International Bar Association (IBA) in Istanbul on 15–16 May.

The conference — called ‘From Funding to Exit: Legal Issues in the Lifecycle of a Start-Up?’ — brings together entrepreneurs, all types of investors (angel investors, private equity funds and venture capital firms), incubators and speakers from all over the world.

As start-ups are important to the business environment, the conference aims to discuss both the business as well as the legal challenges for start-ups. 

Experienced lawyers will give practical advice on legal instruments to protect the interests connected with a start-up and to secure successful ideas and resources also identifying compliance and regulatory issues typically related to start-ups.

The speakers on the business side include Saul Singer, journalist and author of The Start-up Nation, and Sina Afra, chief executive officer of markafoni.com, the biggest online private shopping club in Turkey.