Dacheng launches Peking University clinical programme and experimental education base

A signing ceremony has been held at the head office of Dacheng to celebrate the launch of the Peking University Law School experimental education base and the Peking University Clinical Program at Dacheng.

The ceremony was hosted by Zhao Yunheng, head of Dacheng Beijing office’s criminal defence division.

Among those attending the ceremony were Yang Xiaolei, deputy party secretary of Peking University Law School and executive director of the school’s Clinical and Experimental Law Teaching Center; Liu Donghua and Yu Rong, tutors at the centre; and more than a dozen student representatives.

Ma Jiangtao, a member of Dacheng’s central management team and deputy head of Dacheng’s Executive Committee, Dao Rina, head of the Beijing office’s litigation and arbitration division, senior partner Wu Feng, senior counsel Li Tao and partner Zhang Dong from the litigation and arbitration division were present at the ceremony on behalf of Dacheng.

Since September last year, veteran criminal defence, litigation and arbitration attorneys from Dacheng’s head office have been giving training sessions every week to undergraduate and graduate students from Peking University School Law.

After more than one school term passed, the two sides felt the necessity of officially launching a clinical programme and an experimental education base at Dacheng.