Dacheng co-hosts Asia Pacific Annual Meeting with World Services Group

Dacheng has co-hosted the 2014 Asia Pacific Regional Meeting with the World Services Group (WSG). Dacheng’s Shanghai office acted as the meeting organiser. 

WSG is a global membership network whose members are among the top providers of professional business services such as legal services, accounting, investment and finance. Members are selected based on strict objective standards, including being among the leading local, national and international business in their service area.

As the only member from China, Dacheng co-hosted this year’s Asia Pacific Annual Meeting with WSG, with the Shanghai office acting as the meeting organiser. Since Dacheng joined WSG in 2009, in-depth co-operation has taken place between Dacheng and members from the UK, Australia and South Africa. 

On the night of 3 April, to welcome guests from around the world, the Dacheng Shanghai office arranged a tour along the Huangpu River on a dragon boat. The reception was hosted by Mr Huang Zhengdong, Dacheng senior partner and member of the WSG Asia Pacific Regional Council.

A meeting was held the next day at Pudong Shangri-la Hotel, at which Peng Xuefeng said that Dacheng’s 40 branch offices in China would prove capable partners for WSG members seeking legal services in China. He believed that as China further opened itself up to the outside world, a lot more co-operative opportunities would emerge. He hoped that WSG members could deepen mutual understanding and co-operation by way of the meeting.

At the meeting, Ms Jiang Ying, managing partner of the tax services and business advisory department of Deloitte China, delivered a keynote speech titled ‘The Renaissance of Professional Firms in 2020 and Beyond’. Deloitte China is also a WSG member and Dacheng’s strategic partner.

Senior partner Huang Zhengdong from Dacheng’s Shanghai office acted as moderator for a panel discussion focusing on offshore mergers and acquisitions in China; senior partner Wang Guangming and partner Dai Jianmin participated in panel discussions of ‘Succession Plan at Law Firms’ and ‘Corporate Governance/Transparency in the Asia Pacific Region’ respectively.