Chambers USA 2014 recognises Pillsbury individual lawyers and practices

Pillsbury has announced that for 2014, Chambers USA has ranked 86 individual Pillsbury lawyers, with 12 partners recognised in two or more categories for a total of 98 individual lawyer rankings. Nineteen Pillsbury practices honoured were recognised as national in terms of reach and quality of offerings.

Six Pillsbury attorneys moved up one or more tiers, resulting in 28 rankings in the Tier 1 category, including two Star Performers and one Senior Statesman — the top honours bestowed by Chambers USA.

Tier 1 individuals

  • Jim Alberg (Outsourcing & Technology)
  • Mike Barr (Environment)
  • Jack Barufka (Intellectual Property)
  • David Baxter (Energy: Electricity-Finance)
  • Craig Chason (Corporate/M&A)
  • David Dekker (Construction)
  • Jeff Delaney (Energy: Electricity Finance)
  • Julie Divola (Tax)
  • Jim Gatto, (Intellectual Property)
  • Ellen Harrison (Wealth Management)
  • John Heisse (Construction)
  • Mike Jaffe (Construction)
  • David Miller (Real Estate)
  • Vince Morgan (Insurance)
  • Aaron Oser (Outsourcing)
  • Ken Quinn (Aviation: Regulatory)
  • Jim Seff (Food & Beverages: Alcohol)
  • Susan Serota – Star Performer (Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits)
  • Jay Silberg (Energy: Nuclear Regulatory)
  • George Sirilla — Senior Statesman (Intellectual Property)
  • Tony Terrell (Energy: Electricity Finance)
  • Robert Thum (Construction)
  • Jeff Vesely (Tax)
  • Chris Wall (International Trade)
  • Bob Zahler — Star Performer (Outsourcing & Technology)

Practice and individual rankings

Nationally ranked practices

  • Aviation Finance
  • Aviation Regulatory
  • Construction
  • Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Environment
  • Food & Beverages (Alcohol)
  • Government Contracts
  • Government: Political Law
  • International Trade
  • Investment Funds: Venture Capital
  • Life Sciences
  • Native American Law
  • Outsourcing; Privacy & Data Security
  • Projects Oil & Gas
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Tax Controversy
  • Wealth Management

Nationally ranked attorneys

  • Bill Bowers, Payson Coleman, Mark Lessard, Mike Schumaecker (Aviation Finance)
  • Ken Quinn, Jennifer Trock (Aviation Regulatory)
  • Deryck Palmer (Bankruptcy/Restructuring)
  • Jeffrey Stern (Capital Markets: Structured Products)
  • David Baxter, Jeff Delaney, J Anthony Terrell (Energy: Electricity Finance)
  • David Lewis, John O’Neill, Charles Peterson, Jay Silberg (Energy: Nuclear-Regulatory)
  • Susan Serota (Executive Compensation & Benefits)
  • Jim Seff, Carrie Bonnington (Food & Beverages: Alcohol)
  • John Jensen, Alex Tomaszczuk (Government Contracts)
  • Elizabeth Moeller (Government: Government Relations)
  • Fred Lowell (Government: Political Law)
  • Gerry Hinkley (Healthcare Transactional)
  • Steve Becker (International Trade: Trade Remedies and Trade Policy)
  • Chris Wall (International Trade: CFIUS Experts)
  • Chris Wall, Nancy Fischer (International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions)
  • Jorge del Calvo (Investment Funds: Venture Capital)
  • Christian Salaman (Leisure & Hospitality)
  • David Stanton (Litigation: E-Discovery)
  • Jim Alberg, Josh Konvisser, Michael Murphy, Vipul Nishawala, Aaron Oser, Bob Zahler (Outsourcing)
  • John Mauel, Jane Stein (Projects)
  • John Mauel (Projects: LNG)
  • Bill Bonano (Tax Controversy)
  • Ellen Harrison, Jennifer Jordan McCall (Wealth Management) 


  • Roxane Polidora (Antitrust)
  • Kevin Fong (Appellate)
  • Dave Minnick (Bankruptcy/Restructuring)
  • Jorge del Calvo (Capital Markets: Debt & Equity)
  • Mike Barr, Norman Carlin, David Farabee, Margaret Rosegay (Environment)
  • John Heisse, Bob Thum (Construction)
  • Jorge del Calvo (Corporate: M&A-Northern)
  • Jorge del Calvo (Corporate: Venture Capital)
  • Michael Hindus (Energy: State Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Gerry Hinkley (Healthcare)
  • Rene Siemens (Insurance)
  • Lisa Earl, Michael Murphy (IT & IT Outsourcing)
  • Dave Snyder (Life Sciences: Corporate)
  • Bob Herr, Jim Rishwain (Real Estate)
  • Julie Divola, Jeff Vesely (Tax)


  • David Dekker, Jeffrey Gans, Michael Evan Jaffe, Michael McNamara (Construction)
  • Bob Robbins (Corporate/M&A & Private Equity)
  • Sheila Harvey, (Environment)
  • John Engel (Real Estate)
  • Jim Alberg, Brian Bodor, Mario Dottori, Jeffrey Hutchings, Joseph Kendall, Aaron Oser, Bob Zahler (Technology & IT Outsourcing)
  • John Hane, Bruce Jacobs, Richard Zaragoza (Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite: Regulatory)

New York

  • Deryck Palmer (Bankruptcy/Restructuring)
  • James Kelly (Corporate M&A)
  • Peter Hunt, Susan Serota (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation)
  • Josh Konvisser, Vipul Nishawala (Technology & IT Outsourcing)


  • Jerry Ross (Environment)
  • Vince Morgan (Insurance)


  • Scott Barat (Construction)
  • Steven Meltzer, Craig Chason, Matthew Swartz (Corporate/M&A-Northern)
  • Bill Atkins, Jack Barufka, Jim Gatto, George Sirilla (Intellectual Property-Northern)
  • David Miller (Real Estate-Northern)