BDK forms emergency rapid response team following floods in Serbia and Bosnia

BDK has formed an emergency rapid response team, consisting of construction law, insurance law, contract law, litigation law and employment law specialists following the devastating floods that hit Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

In emergency situations such as the one that has arisen, public infrastructure operators in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are authorised to order emergency works.

Such emergency works are subject to a special legal regime, giving rise to a number of legal issues concerning, inter alia, applicability of public procurement legislation, requirements of contractual form, permitting requirements, contractor’s contractual liability and liability to third parties. 

Legal issues are expected to arise in the context of insurance claims as well. In many contracts, force majeure is likely to be invoked.

Finally, legal issues can arise regarding the employer-employee relationship, such the rights of employees displaced by floods or whether the employees who absented from work in order to volunteer or respond to civil service are entitled to salary or other compensation, and who bears the cost of compensation. 

BDK’s emergency rapid response team has been formed in order to support its clients in the emergency and post-emergency periods at a short notice.