Mind the gap

In London moaning about the tube is a daily past time for most commuters, despite the 150 years of loyal service that the system has given the city. But have those commuters ever untangled their head from the nearest armpit and asked fellow commuters: what of its legal team?

Probably not, but we did it anyway. Just for you lot we squeezed onto the tube like a cheese toasty in a handbag to grill TFL’s legal director Andrea Clarke. Does TfL Legal get some breathing space? Don’t bet your buck on it, she tells us.

In the last year TFL had to keep London moving while the Olympics were in town – no small challenge. “It was unprecedented,” insists Clarke. “There was a long lead-in and we were providing advice for quite a while.

It is also in the midst of a huge expansion plan, with the new Crossrail system adding 26 miles to the London transport system to help carry an ever expanding population. “I hear there’s a population equivalent to a full tube train born every week,” Clarke tells us.

And in the midst of all this they found the time to conduct a money-saving panel review, saving TfL £1m in legal spend annually.

Expansion costs and the lawyers are doing their bit to help bridge the gap.

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