Lawyers are workaholics, survey says

Lawyers are the most loyal and hardworking professionals in the UK, new research by legal recruiter Robert Walters claims today.

The recruiter questioned 1,420 professional about their attitudes to work and concluded that 68 per cent of lawyers believed they should dedicate themselves to an employer for at least three years before moving on.

By comparison, the research said, only 59 per cent accountants, 52 per cent of compliance specialists and 51 per cent of IT workers, are of the opinion their employer deserves the same degree of loyalty.

Lawyers are the hardest workers, the survey said, clocking up 45.9 hours per week, compared with office workers who apparently cruise through a comparably poor 44.6 hours at their desk.

If that dedication is not enough enough, 38 per cent of lawyers who found the time to respond to the survey claimed they worked more than 50 hours per week, up eight per cent on last year.

Gauging job satisfaction, the survey found lawyers more than most wanted a role that was interesting, with 57 per cent stating that it was ‘very important’ to them. Accountants were less enthused with just under half, 49 per cent, wanting a role that was interesting.

According Robert Walters legal recruitment director Colin Loth the figures show that to be a lawyer dedication is what you need.

Loth added: “The fact that legal professionals don’t like to move around too often is indicative of loyalty to their firms but also of their preference to seek career progression internally. This is primarily because legal specialists like to build a career with an employer, find a niche that interests them and make valuable long-term contributions over a sustained period of time.”