DLA goes to sea

Hey you, stop gazing out the window and listen in.

According to a recent survey by hotel chain Travelodge, you lawyers are the nation’s biggest daydreamers – over 50 per cent of you daydream about future work success, nearly 30 per cent to resolve a problem at work.

Food for thought, should the holiday montage be wearing thin.

But we know one group of partners who certainly won’t be daydreaming the day away. We’re looking at you, DLA Piper – the only windows you’re set to stare out of in your next meeting will be overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The firm is understood to have hired an entire cruise ship for this year’s partner meeting, which will set sail from Barcelona later this month.

The hire of the ship alone is set to cost the firm $3.1m (£2m) for a four-night trip – the wage of 14 prime ministers before it’s even set sail.

Perhaps daydreams next month will be less about holidays and more about money-off coupons.

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