Towards a Greener Future — DLA Piper’s market report on sustainable real estate

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Towards a Greener Future — DLA Piper’s market report on sustainable real estate - .PDF file.

We asked people across the European real-estate industry a series of questions about trends in sustainability, green certification and documentation and the reasons for the increasing importance of sustainable real estate. Our findings are based on a survey of more than 100 real-estate investors across Europe including Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

While the nuts and bolts of real-estate investment and development have remained the same, increasing awareness of sustainability — by government, business and consumers — poses a new set of challenges for the property industry. Two principle issues make this complex: local and regional differences in law and practice around green real estate and the lack of common language — what sustainability actually means differs for investors and developers across Europe. The DLA Piper sustainable real-estate market report delves into these areas to highlight key trends and themes in sustainable real estate and provides an outlook for the sustainable real-estate market in Europe.

Many have considered that the costs of sustainable development are too high; however, this report suggests that higher investment costs are acceptable to achieve the right result. Principally, the reason for this is market demand for the end product, rather than legislative coercion or an articulated mission statement…

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