The Brazil World Cup 2014 — are you ready?

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With the countdown to the World Cup in Brazil this summer already well under way (it kicks off on 12 June 2014), now is the time for employers to consider the impact that a four-week showpiece international football event may have on the workplace. Are you ready?

Is there any need to worry at all? Due to the four-hour time difference between Brazil and the UK (five hours in relation to the one match being played in the Cuiaba region), most matches are currently scheduled to kick off in the late afternoon or evening UK time. This means that there will not be a repeat of the early-morning games played at the 2002 World Cup in Japan/South Korea, with the consequent temptation for employees to turn up to work late.

Below are the dates and times of key matches in which England may be involved. Even if England do not repeat the glory performances of 1966, the knock-out matches are likely to be of interest to all football fans, whichever country is playing…

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