Outer Temple Chambers’ Michael Uberoi has twin success at the MPTS

Michael Uberoi of Outer Temple Chambers has concluded two lengthy hearings in the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).

First, in GMC v Dr S, he represented a GP who had been convicted of injecting his wife with heroin and driving while under the influence of alcohol. The doctor was suspended for nine months (the GMC had argued for erasure). Uberoi was instructed by Simpson & Marwick, Edinburgh.

Second, in GMC v Dr M, Uberoi (instructed by Carson McDowell, Belfast) defended a doctor who was charged with attempting to dishonestly manipulate the outcome of Patient X’s benefits assessment, by lying to the medical assessor about her knowledge of Patient X and lying about Patient X’s symptoms. The doctor was released from proceedings after stage two, after the panel found that she was not impaired. No warning was issued.