No5 Chambers represents one of five men jailed after crashing getaway car

No5 Chambers’ Ecky Tiwana has represented Marcus Cohen, one of five men jailed for a total of 22 years after stealing from a jeweller, then crashing their getaway car while trying to escape from police.

The incident happened on the morning of 17 September last year. The five men entered Deacon & Sons in Marlborough, smashed display cases open and stole jewellery. They left the site in a waiting car, but were pursued by police and they crashed outside the local hospital.

Three of the men, Marcus Delroy Cohen, 33, Paul Gallimore, 33 and Linton Summerfield, 20, were arrested at the scene, and the two others who escaped, Leroy Green, 35 and Cristian Coulson, 20, were arrested later.

Marcus Cohen, who was represented by Ecky Tiwana, was given a sentence of four years and eight months.