Lack of construction due to bad weather is good for sustainable growth, says Eversheds

Michael Conroy Harris, construction expert at Eversheds, has said that the dampening effect that early 2014’s bad weather has had on the construction industry is not necessarily a bad thing in the quest for sustainable growth. 

Commenting on the latest UK construction PMI numbers, Harris said that whenever the weather is described as ‘the worst since records began’, it follows that the construction industry will be significantly affected.

‘There’s no doubt that the flooding will have a short- to mid-term impact on the industry, but is it necessarily a bad thing?’ said Harris. ‘The recovery in the industry has been a long time coming and all the more welcome for that, but the last thing we need now is overheating.

‘Maybe, just maybe, the dampening effect of the weather will have a silver lining in that the industry can go on to enjoy sustainable growth as opposed to a mere temporary boost.’