Inspiring change in Italy — the gender gap at work

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On 8 March 2014, we will be celebrating International Women’s Day, which has been celebrated around the world since 1911. This year’s theme is dedicated to ‘Inspiring Change’.

This is no more needed than in Italy where the World Economic Forum’s recent Global Gender Gap report ranked Italy 97 out of 136 countries in terms of economic participation and opportunity. For wage equality, this same report ranked Italy 124 out of 130 countries. This last statistic is especially appalling.

However, there were some bright spots for Italy in this report — one being the fact that Italy moved up the Gender Gap rankings from 80th position in 2012 to 71st position in 2013. It was indicated that one of the reasons behind the country’s improved ranking was the fact that there was a ‘significantly larger percentage of women in parliament’ (22 per cent in 2012 vs 31 per cent in 2013). In fact, in terms of women in parliament Italy was ranked in 28th position out of 132 countries…

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