Eversheds says consumer suspicion must be addressed before GM crops are accepted

Katharine Vickery, a partner and food and drink sector expert at Eversheds, has commented following the UK government’s science advisers’ recommendation to use genetically modified (GM) crops to secure the UK’s food supply for the future.

Vickery said that Europe has been more cautious than the US in approving GM foods, which is partly a reflection of the suspicion with which consumers view GM crops.

She added: ‘While undoubtedly it is right that we need to secure our food supply for the future, if GM crops are the only way to do that then the government will need to work towards shifting consumer attitudes to purchasing products containing GM materials.

‘This will require a significant degree of engagement with the public, who are already acutely aware of what is in their food thanks to the horsemeat scandal and high levels of food fraud.’