Eversheds says construction industry needs ‘rock-solid commitment’ on infrastructure

Michael Conroy Harris, construction expert at Eversheds, has commented on the construction industry’s hopes for the 2014 Budget.

Conroy Harris said that the chancellor would have a ‘fresh vantage point’ due to looking at growth, rather than ‘down the barrel of a triple-dip recession’, and that ’there will no doubt be a weather eye on the general election next year’.

He added that growth in housebuilding is likely to be driven by the extension of the Help to Buy scheme and that it looks as though there will be a measure of funding for infrastructure.

Conroy Harris said: ‘Although we’re looking at growth, we can’t overlook austerity, and the industry will be hoping for some rock-solid commitment on infrastructure rather than a repackaging of what has been trailed so extensively already and not yet notably come into view.’