Eversheds’ Batham comments on BIS Select Committee report into UK business rates

James Batham, partner and real-estate expert at Eversheds, has commented on the Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Select Committee report into business rates in the UK.

Batham said that in its report published on 4 March, the BIS Select Committee has become the latest body to criticise the current business rates system as ‘not fit for purpose’ and has called for a ‘wholesale review’ by the government.

He said: ‘The government has promised reform of the current system by 2017, but concerns have recently been raised that they won’t go far enough to address the fundamental problems affecting high-street retailers, such as the increase in online sales and the outdated link between the Retail Price Index and business rates.

‘Retailers and the property industry alike will be hoping that the government will take notice of the increasing number of influential bodies who are demanding a radical overhaul to revive the British high street.’